Fixtures & Results

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Please note that the bonus point for the winning team in league fixtures is not included in the results below. The bonus point is included in the points total shown in the league tables.

Fixtures for Division 1

Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Linton Lions3½ - ½Linton LeopardsTue 28th Sep 202119:30LV
Cambridge Choristers3 - 1Cambridge ExaminersWed 6th Oct 202119:30OV
Linton Leopards2½ - 1½Cambridge ChoristersTue 19th Oct 202119:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Scarabs2 - 2Linton LionsThu 21st Oct 202119:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Cobras1½ - 2½Cambridge ExaminersThu 21st Oct 202119:30OV
Linton Leopards1½ - 2½Bury St Edmunds CobrasTue 2nd Nov 202119:30OV
Cambridge Choristers3 - 1Linton LionsWed 3rd Nov 202119:30OV
Cambridge Examiners2 - 2Bury St Edmunds ScarabsWed 3rd Nov 202119:30OV
Linton Lions3 - 1Bury St Edmunds CobrasTue 23rd Nov 202119:30OV
Cambridge Choristers3 - 1Bury St Edmunds ScarabsWed 24th Nov 202119:30OV
Cambridge Examiners2½ - 1½Linton LeopardsWed 24th Nov 202119:30OV
Linton Lions2½ - 1½Cambridge ExaminersTue 14th Dec 202119:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Cobras1 - 3Cambridge ChoristersThu 16th Dec 202119:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Scarabs2 - 2Linton LeopardsThu 16th Dec 202119:30OV
Linton Leopards2½ - 1½Linton LionsTue 18th Jan 202219:30OV
Cambridge Examiners2 - 2Cambridge ChoristersWed 19th Jan 202219:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Scarabs1½ - 2½Bury St Edmunds CobrasThu 20th Jan 202219:30OV
Linton Lions2 - 2Bury St Edmunds ScarabsTue 8th Feb 202219:30OV
Cambridge Choristers1½ - 2½Linton LeopardsWed 9th Feb 202219:30OV
Cambridge Examiners2½ - 1½Bury St Edmunds CobrasWed 9th Feb 202219:30OV
Linton Lions2 - 2Cambridge ChoristersTue 22nd Feb 202219:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Cobras3 - 1Linton LeopardsThu 24th Feb 202219:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Scarabs1½ - 2½Cambridge ExaminersThu 24th Feb 202219:30OU
Linton Leopards ½ - 3½Cambridge ExaminersTue 15th Mar 202219:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Scarabs4 - 0Cambridge ChoristersThu 17th Mar 202219:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Cobras2 - 2Linton LionsThu 17th Mar 202219:30OV
Linton Leopards2 - 2Bury St Edmunds ScarabsTue 5th Apr 202219:30OV
Cambridge Choristers2 - 2Bury St Edmunds CobrasWed 6th Apr 202219:30OV
Cambridge Examiners3 - 1Linton LionsWed 6th Apr 202219:30OU
Bury St Edmunds Cobras2 - 2Bury St Edmunds ScarabsThu 5th May 202219:30OV

Fixtures for Division 2

Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Linton Llamas3½ - ½Linton LynxesTue 12th Oct 202119:30OV
Cambridge Gowns ½ - 3½Cambridge BollardsWed 13th Oct 202119:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Hornets1 - 3Ely AThu 14th Oct 202119:30OV
Linton Lynxes3 - 1Bury St Edmunds HornetsTue 26th Oct 202119:30OV
Cambridge Bollards2 - 2Linton LlamasWed 27th Oct 202119:30OV
Linton Llamas1½ - 2½Ely ATue 9th Nov 202119:30OV
Cambridge Gowns1 - 3Bury St Edmunds HornetsWed 10th Nov 202119:30OV
Linton Lynxes0 - 4Ely ATue 30th Nov 202119:30OV
Cambridge Gowns1½ - 2½Linton LlamasWed 1st Dec 202119:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Hornets1½ - 2½Cambridge BollardsThu 2nd Dec 202119:30OV
Ely A1½ - 2½Cambridge GownsMon 6th Dec 202119:30OV
Cambridge Bollards4 - 0Linton LynxesWed 8th Dec 202119:30OV
Linton Lynxes2 - 2Cambridge GownsTue 11th Jan 202219:30OV
Cambridge Bollards2½ - 1½Ely AWed 12th Jan 202219:30OU
Bury St Edmunds Hornets2 - 2Linton LlamasThu 13th Jan 202219:30OU
Ely A3 - 1Bury St Edmunds HornetsMon 24th Jan 202219:30OU
Linton Lynxes0 - 4Linton LlamasTue 25th Jan 202219:30OU
Cambridge Bollards3½ - ½Cambridge GownsWed 26th Jan 202219:30OV
Linton Llamas2 - 2Cambridge BollardsTue 15th Feb 202219:30OU
Cambridge Gowns ½ - 3½Ely AWed 16th Feb 202219:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Hornets2 - 2Linton LynxesThu 17th Feb 202219:30OV
Ely A2½ - 1½Linton LlamasMon 28th Feb 202219:30OU
Linton Lynxes2 - 2Cambridge BollardsTue 1st Mar 202219:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Hornets1½ - 2½Cambridge GownsThu 3rd Mar 202219:30OV
Ely A3 - 1Linton LynxesMon 21st Mar 202219:30OV
Linton Llamas2½ - 1½Cambridge GownsTue 22nd Mar 202219:30OV
Cambridge Bollards2 - 2Bury St Edmunds HornetsWed 23rd Mar 202219:30OV
Ely A3 - 1Cambridge BollardsMon 25th Apr 202219:30OU
Linton Llamas2 - 2Bury St Edmunds HornetsTue 26th Apr 202219:30OV
Cambridge Gowns3½ - ½Linton LynxesWed 27th Apr 202219:30OV

Fixtures for Division 3

Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Ely B2 - 2SudburyMon 4th Oct 202119:30OV
Cambridge Academicals1 - 3Linton LemursWed 6th Oct 202119:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Barracudas3½ - ½Bury St Edmunds EarwigsThu 7th Oct 202119:30OV
Ely B0 - 4Bury St Edmunds BarracudasMon 18th Oct 202119:30OV
Sudbury ½ - 3½Linton LemursWed 20th Oct 202119:30OV
Sudbury2 - 2Cambridge AcademicalsWed 3rd Nov 202119:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Barracudas2½ - 1½Linton LemursThu 4th Nov 202119:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Earwigs3 - 1Ely BThu 18th Nov 202119:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Earwigs2 - 2SudburyThu 25th Nov 202119:30OV
Linton Lemurs2½ - 1½Bury St Edmunds EarwigsTue 14th Dec 202119:30OU
Linton Lemurs2 - 2Ely BTue 4th Jan 202219:30OV
Linton Lemurs ½ - 3½Cambridge AcademicalsTue 18th Jan 202219:30OV
Sudbury1½ - 2½Ely BWed 19th Jan 202219:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Earwigs2½ - 1½Bury St Edmunds BarracudasThu 20th Jan 202219:30OV
Linton Lemurs3 - 1SudburyTue 8th Feb 202219:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Earwigs1½ - 2½Cambridge AcademicalsThu 10th Feb 202219:30OU
Bury St Edmunds Barracudas2 - 2Ely BThu 10th Feb 202219:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Barracudas3 - 1SudburyThu 17th Feb 202219:30OV
Ely B1 - 3Bury St Edmunds EarwigsMon 21st Feb 202219:30OU
Linton Lemurs3½ - ½Bury St Edmunds BarracudasTue 22nd Feb 202219:30OV
Cambridge Academicals4 - 0SudburyWed 23rd Feb 202219:30OV
Ely B1½ - 2½Linton LemursMon 14th Mar 202219:30OV
Sudbury2½ - 1½Bury St Edmunds EarwigsTue 15th Mar 202219:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Barracudas ½ - 3½Cambridge AcademicalsThu 17th Mar 202219:30OV
Cambridge Academicals3 - 1Bury St Edmunds BarracudasWed 30th Mar 202219:30OV
Sudbury1½ - 2½Bury St Edmunds BarracudasWed 6th Apr 202219:30OV
Cambridge Academicals1½ - 2½Ely BWed 6th Apr 202219:30OV
Bury St Edmunds Earwigs4 - 0Linton LemursThu 7th Apr 202219:30OV
Ely B0 - 4Cambridge AcademicalsMon 11th Apr 202219:30OV
Cambridge Academicals2½ - ½Bury St Edmunds EarwigsWed 20th Apr 202219:30OU

Fixtures for Roger Goldsmith Div 1

Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Ely0 - 4Linton LarksMon 15th Nov 202119:30OV
Bury Abbey4 - 0ElyThu 9th Dec 202119:30OV
Linton Larks3 - 1Bury AbbeyTue 1st Feb 202219:30OV
Bury Abbey1½ - 2½Linton LarksThu 10th Mar 202219:30OU
Ely2½ - 1½Bury AbbeyMon 9th May 202219:30OU
Linton Larks2 - 2ElyTue 10th May 202219:30OU

Fixtures for Roger Goldsmith Div 2

Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Linton Lapwings1½ - 2½Linton LinnetsTue 16th Nov 202119:30OV
Bury Beehive ½ - 3½Bury CathedralThu 18th Nov 202119:30OV
Linton Lapwings2½ - 1½Bury BeehiveTue 7th Dec 202119:30OV
Bury Cathedral2 - 2Linton LinnetsThu 9th Dec 202119:30OV
Linton Linnets1½ - 2½Bury CathedralTue 1st Feb 202219:30OV
Bury Beehive2½ - 1½Linton LapwingsThu 3rd Feb 202219:30OU
Linton Linnets2½ - 1½Linton LapwingsTue 8th Mar 202219:30OU
Bury Cathedral1½ - 2½Bury BeehiveThu 10th Mar 202219:30OU
Linton Lapwings4 - 0Bury CathedralTue 29th Mar 202219:30OU
Bury Beehive2½ - 1½Linton LinnetsThu 31st Mar 202219:30OV
Linton Linnets1½ - 2½Bury BeehiveTue 3rd May 202219:30OU
Bury Cathedral2 - 1Linton LapwingsThu 5th May 202219:30OV